Open Combo Classes

Do you think your child might love dancing? Do they love to listen to music and follow along to creative programs? Maybe they need a fun and social activity to gain confidence and experience performing on stage.


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Combo Classes Include: Jazz, Tumbling & Ballet – Perform at our Free Fall Performance, Winter Review and Spring Concert.  Any modest dance clothing can be worn to our TDA Combo Classes. Please, pull hair up off of your dancers neck and out of her face.



JANUARY – 2018

Monday 2-3:00pm (Ages 4-7) Glitter Combo (4 openings)


Monday 3-4:00pm (Ages 5-7) Glam Combo (Class is full)


Monday 4-5:00pm (Ages 8-11) Brilliance Combo (1 opening)


Tuesday 12:45-1:45pm (Ages 3-5) Shine Combo Class (Class is full)


Wednesday 10:30-11:30am (Ages 3-5) Twinkle Combo (Class is full)


*New Class – Wednesday 10:45-11:45am (Ages 3-5) Glisten Combo Class (4 openings)


Wednesday 3:00-4:00pm (Ages 4-7) Glow Combo (Class is full)


 Thursday 10:30am-11:30am (Ages 2 1/2-5) Shimmer Combo (Class is full)


Friday 4-5:00pm (Ages 5-7) Dazzle Combo (Class is full)


Friday 4-5:00pm (Ages 8-11) Radiance Combo (2 openings)





Purple Dancer

Open Technique Classes

Don’t have the time for a team?  Want to make Dance Co. or Drill Team? These classes are great for those pursuing school and dance teams as well as for those that are  involved in Drill Team, Cheer, Sports and more.

Techniqe classes will focus on fundamentals and students will improve quickly due to the emphasis on proper technique. Classes are available to anyone, including members of competitive teams who would like to excel. Students will be placed in these classes based on their current level of skill.  No costume fee or concert fees.   (Login, and check for openings, they become available as students progress. You can also click the menu button before you create an account to find out more information.)


Fall 2017 Schedule

Jazz 1 Technique (ages 5-11) Wednesday 6-7:00pm $40/month


Jazz 1.5 Technique (ages 12 & up) Saturday 10-11:00am


Jazz 2 Technique Wednesday 6-7:00pm  $40/month (Class is full)


Jazz 3 Technique (ages 7-11) Wednesday 8-9:00pm (Class is full)


Jazz 3 Technique (ages 12 & up) Monday 6-7:00pm $40/month (Class is full)


Jazz 4 Technique Monday 7-8:00pm $40/month (Class is full)


Tumbling 1 Wednesday 7-8:00pm $40/month (2 openings)


Inter/Adv. Tumbling Wednesday 7-8:00pm $40/month (Class is full)


Hip Hop Thursday 8-9:00pm $40/month (2 openings)






Music Theater Performance

Our Music Theater Performance class will focus on singing, acting and basic choreography. This class is designed to help students become a triple threat. Develop acting skills, learn self-expression, hands-on exercises, with fun and educational techniques. Learn singing, build repertoire and perform.

Saturdays 10:00 – 11:00am


Special Needs Class

The Special Needs dance program at TDA is created for individuals ages 4-18 with physical or developmental disabilities; down syndrome, (ASD) autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy and other developmental delays (including those requiring use of a wheelchair).  Our staff; including Special Needs Director for Alpine School District, Melanie Hansen and daughter Taylor Hansen are committed to enhance the lives of these children through the exploration of movement, rhythm, basic dance concepts, creative choreography, effective stretching and unique structure.  We offer this to any individual with physical or developmental needs.


Fridays 5:00-6:00pm/ $35 per month

Will Include a TDA T-shirt for performances.


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