Teaching the Value of RESPECT

Dance educators can add small aspects of respect into their dance classes by setting rules and letting dancers know it is important to follow them. Instructors can also let dancers know what is expected while interacting with other students and teachers.

At The Dance Academy in Lehi, Utah we expect our dancers to treat other's the way they would like to be treated, to be patient, to use good manners, to be polite and always supportive.

Additional rules we have at The Dance Academy are;

  • No chewing gum in dance studios.
  • Do not bring food or water into the studio rooms. Please eat snacks outside whenever possible.
  • Always leave cell phones outside of class and turn the ringer off.
  • Do not touch the mirrors or windows. This is a very important safety and cleaning issue.
  • Do not enter studio rooms with small children, especially when they are not in use.
  • Please leave the teaching to the instructors, even if you have been a dancer yourself. You can practice at home with your dancer, but while in the studio, please let us do the teaching so dancers know where to focus.

It is important to learn to be respectful so you can earn the mutual regard of those around you. A student who is impolite and continues with behavior that is considered disrespectful, will eventually cause frustration to an instructor and fellow dancers. Being respectful makes dance class more pleasant for everyone.

A respectful dance class, even when dancers are young, will help dancers grow up with a love and respect for the art of dance as well as an admiration for its teaching.

What does respect look like? Listening and waiting our turn. Keeping our hands to ourselves, not talking when our instructor is speaking. Being quiet and respectful when other classes are  session. Arriving five minutes early and coming prepared.

What does respect sound like? Excuse me, please, thank you, no-thank you, you're welcome, and hello.

A grateful dancer is so much more fun to work with.

Respectful Pledge - Mistakes can happen, that is how we learn, never mock someone for trying.

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