TDA Combo Classes

Open Combo Classes may include Jazz, Ballet, Rhythm Dynamics, Acro-Tumbling and some beginning Hip Hop.

Open Class students perform at TDA Spring Concert in May 2021.

One-time costume fee per year.



Learn technical skills, increase flexibility, core strength, pirouettes, chainés turns, pique, chasse' and leaps, etc.

Jazz if a foundational class for many other styles of dance.


One of the most artistic, graceful and precise forms of dance. Our company dancers, as well as combo classes will learn the essential art of ballet.

Company Teams come to ballet in appropriate attire for ballet class. Pink tights, black leotard, and split sole canvas ballet shoes or pointe shoes. It is important for dancers to come prepared and be on time.

When ready, many students will be placed on pointe and develop advanced skills.



Preparing dancers for a wide range of movement. Learning dynamics, self awareness and the use of tension and control. Contemporary combines different forms of dance training from ballet, jazz, and acro into a beautiful and expresive art form.

Acro-Tumbling - Acro-Batic Arts Certified

Achieve flexibilty, build strength, balance, limbering and tumbling without the use of a sprung floor. Reduce injuries and achieve a balanced skill set with proper technique. From a basic bridge to front aerials and more. Acrobatic Arts Certified.

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Hip Hop

Variety of body movement that is fun, energetic and also challenging. Build coordination, rhythm, and how to pick up choreography. Students will love the upbeat and age-appropriate music and style. Popular for both girls and boys.


The merging of ballet and jazz, lyrical is a beautiful form of dance that can come to life in story form or just as a simple emotion. Fluidity, grace and poise with technical percision and movement show the passion and emotional meaning of the music.


TDA Competitive Teams

Members of our competitive teams are placed by audition only. Dancers will improve very quickly due to the increase in hours of instruction. Learn many different styles of dance and develop into a very versatile dancer.

Teams Available

Express: Tired of the beginning dance class? Take the next step into Express. Dancers will participate in 1 competition and will dance a minimum of 1.5 hours per week.

Crew: Dancers will participate in 2  competitions and will dance a minimum of 2–4 hours per week.

Elevé: Not just your average dancers, Eleve' teams participate in 3 competitions per year, optional conventions and master classes. Requirement of 5–6 hours per week.

Company: Company Team dance members are comprised of intermediate to advanced level teams that dance 6–12 hours per week and participate in 3–4 competitions per year.

Tribe: Advanced level team ages 14–18 with a requirement of 2–4 hours per week. Participate in 3–4 competitions per year. Technical skills needed to compete in Jazz, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, and Lyrical. Dancers must also currently be on a high school level dance teams.